International Young Scientists Conference

"High Performance Computing and Simulation" 2013

Barcelona, Spain

05-07 June, 2013

Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO) and University of Amsterdam, Netherlands (UvA) announce the II International Young Scientists Conference “HPC technologies and computer modeling”.

The Conference aims to develop the dialogue about the present and the future of Computational Science, research and practical development of the major application aspects of High Performance Computing and Computer modeling for solving a wide range of problems of science, industry and business.

Key conference themes

  • Mathematical modeling of multidisciplinary systems.
  • Supercomputer technologies to solve complex computing problems.
  • Problem-oriented complexes and computer modeling environments.
  • Systems, methods and models based on the data (DDA).
  • Numerical modeling in social sciences and life sciences.

Key conference events

  • Guest lectures of the world leading scientists:
  • Lectures, trainings and workshops of European experts in the sphere of HPC and computer modeling
  • Break-out sessions to present and discuss the scientific papers of the conference participant

The detailed program of the conference (including the program of lectures and the topics of workshops) will be given in the second information letter.

Reports and publications.

Participants of the conference should present the detailed theses of their scientific paper in the format of extended abstract – from 6 to 10 pages in the English language which are to be published in electronic form.

Support in preparation and publication in the stated below foreign scientific journals will be rendered to all participants of conference - winners of the competitive selection:

The best works will be recommended for a decoration on behalf of organizers and sponsors of the conference.

Requirements for reports’ theses. Reports’ theses of should be presented in the format of the authentic scientific paper containing statement and solving (or research) of a specific problem within the limits of the conference subjects. Reviews and topical articles are not considered.

Besides the applicants who participate in the competitive selection for the conference, coauthors (not necessarily young scientists) are also allowed to take part in the theses. The theses compiled on the basis of the articles already published in Russian and (or) foreign editions (except the conferences works in Russian and texts of dissertations) are not considered.

Please see the requirements for Journal Authors for the theses formatting

The papers which do not comply with the stated above requirements are not accepted for consideration of the competition committee.

Requirements for participation

Students of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs, young researchers and experts of the leading academic institutions and industrial organizations from Russian Federation and CIS are invited to take part in the conference. Selection will be based on the results of the scientific paper competition.


Conference sessions will be held CCIB, Centre Conventions International Participation in the conference is free of charge.

Information support

Official site:

R&D Institute of High-tech Computing Technologies University ITMO website

Advanced Computing Lab website

If you have any questions concerning the organization and participation in the conference please contact Ms Anna Lutsenko by e-mail

Hosts of the conference,

Prof. Dr. Aleksander V. Boukhanovsky (University ITMO, Russia)

Prof. Dr. P.M.A. Sloot (UvA, the Netherlands and ITMO, Russia)

Pictures from the First International Young Scientists Conference 2012 "High Performance Computing and Simulation" 02-06.04.2012, Science park, UvA, The Netherlands