The main objective of the Advanced Computing Lab is to carry out interdisciplinary research with the extensive use of computer technologies, to educate and to train qualified professionals on the basis of the latest achievements of scientific and technological progress. The core operational principle of ACL is based on the eScience concept, which includes High-tech Computing Technologies as the basic tool to develop new methods of scientific researches and to stimulate the acquisition of new knowledge in various subject domains.

ACL's work is aimed at diversification of research process in Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO) by solving certain scientific and technical problems and carrying out the research works according to international standards of modern science's development and in order to promote and increase efficiency of academic and scientific activity of the students of Bachelor, Pre-Experience Master, Executive MBA and Doctoral programs. ACL is a part of the scientific and educational center "Supercomputing Technologies" of the North-West Federal District. Research advisor of the Laboratory is Dr Peter Sloot, Full Professor of Computational Science at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

ACL team